Fujifilm's big failure?

Yesterday on September 20th 2019 Fujifilm held an X-Summit event where they announced and showed the world their new design for their flagship X Pro series camera the XPro-3. Some were happy and others seemed to have their dreams crushed right before their eyes. The XPro-3 body will be made from Titanium and in three different coatings. Black, Dura Silver and Dura Black. Overall the design remains the same however some of the specs that were released seemed to be favorable but a this point we still do not know what the sensor specs will be. Most are leaning towards the same sensor used in the XT-3 and I believe that this will be the case. Hopefully the focusing system will be the same if not better. We are getting a larger EVF/OVF with less distortion with a higher frame rate and brighter resolution. All this so far seems very positive but not groundbreaking by any means. However the world will never be the same and everything came crashing down due to the next announcement…….THE REAR SCREEN.

While I haven’t had the chance to shoot or even hold one of the beauties yet I can certainly say that the photography world has been turned upside down because of this tiny little screen. I myself love it but maybe thats because I understand it. In this day and age why must every camera released fit every niche of media recording. Why can’t a camera just be good at one thing. Hell Leica does it and they make no apologies for it either. Sure, go film a video in 4K on a Leica M10 and let me know how you like it. Oh wait….you can’t. Bottom line is thats not what that camera is for. What we have in the new XPro-3 is a pure simplistic approach towards photography. Nothing else and its not pretending to be anything else either. If you hate it then perhaps your just not understanding it or your mad at it for not fitting whatever mold you want in a camera.

The naysayers are crucifying Fuji for ruining the XPro Line with this bold move but is it even a new idea? Leica introduced the M-D with no rear screen at all, nothing, nadda, ziltch. There’s no IBIS to be had. Leica doesn’t even give you auto focus in their comparable cameras. Geez, one only shoot in Monochrome. Nobody is crying over those cameras so why here? Why Fuji?

We in turn should be celebrating a company so willing to risk a move as bold as this. They are making a statement that they are putting the pure art form of photography first and In their vet soul they are a photographic / Film company. Sure they will give you the bells and whistles in their XT line up but the XPro is for the PHOTOGRAPHER. As a lover of film I couldn’t be happier at this new design. It is to be taken serious in its minimalistic and classy approach. An already beautiful camera with some powerhouse features hidden on the inside. A discrete flip down screen for waist level shooting which I’ll admit was on my wish list. An informative and also retro style rear LCD which is reminiscent of film cameras with their film stock tab holders. If your a photographer who loves the history of photography and not gadgetry then whats NOT to like? The XPro-3 is sure to slow you down and force your eye to the viewfinder while studying the application of your craft. If anything, no more beat up scratched LCD screens either. NO MORE CHIMPING!!!

Fuji also announcement a new film stock simulation which i’m sure will make its way to other models via firmware update in the future. We will now have Fuji Superia Classic Negative. While I would of hoped for a 400H simulation I’m always open for new ideas and to be honest I shoot RAW 90% of the time regardless.

All in all I certainly welcome the new XPro. A serious photography tool to hit the streets with. Its going to be amazing.