Fuji X Pro 1 Revisited

So I'm sitting here on a rainy morning looking over my Lightroom catalog and I click on my XPro1 files.  I often do this when organizing my everyday work.  I file the images in categories according to the camera or lens I shot with.  It makes it easier for me at least when I need to find images to use for the blog post I intend to write.  Thats exactly what happened here today.  I hit the XPro1 files and as usual I am extremely impressed with the outcome.  Now, Im not making any wild claims that my imagery is above and beyond.  I'm simply talking about the files.  

Fujifilm X Pro 1 / Fujinon35mm f/2 ISO 1600 1/30th handheld

Fujifilm X Pro 1 / Fujinon35mm f/2 ISO 1600 1/30th handheld

No, its not an Xpro 2, nor is it an XT2, XT20 or even an X100F.  It is an X Pro1 and it is different.  Very different, and quirky.  The XP1 has such an organic feel to its files due to the magic of the 16MP APS-C X-Trans CMOS sensor.  This sensor is highly regarded and respected by those who know about it and shoot it.  The colors are amazing, skin tones have a beautiful feel to them.  Black & Whites ???? Forgettaboutit !!! As Donnie Brasco would say.  They are amazing especially at 1600 ISO.

Now there are some annoyances with the XP1 but that goes without saying.  You have to remember we are talking about a camera released in early 2012.  Thats 6 years ago and in the camera/tech world that might as well be the stone age.  Auto focus although not as slow as some would make it out to be can be cumbersome to move around due to the lack of a joystick.  You have to set it to the "D" Pad or hit the AF button on your opposite side.  AF Continuous is an absolute mystery to me on this camera as all you get is a cross hair type prompt so I'm left to guess where focus is in or out.  The buffer is less then stellar.  There is no control over shutter speeds using the command wheel.  I've found the best way to shoot this camera is in Aperture Priority setting an AUTO ISO and a desired shutter speed then rock the exposure comp dial.  This will allow you to latest move the shutter a few stops (2) up or down within range of your initial choice on the top dial by using the “D” pad.  Or you can set the shutter speed dial to A and set your AUTO ISO to your desired ceiling and base perimeters.  Off you go!!!!


Xpro 1 Fujinon 35mm f/2 ISO 2000 1/80th

Xpro 1 Fujinon 35mm f/2 ISO 2000 1/80th

Listen, It has to be an amazing camera.  We are still talking about it 6 years later.  Sure there is better tech right now, light years better but thats not the point.  Do you need all of it all the time?  This camera invokes a feeling of nostalgia and surprise.  You go out all day take your shoots.  Not overly overwhelmed ( if thats even an actual thing ) about menus and crazy technological options your camera has.  You set your perimeters and shoot.  Check the LCD screen if you like however its not mind blowing so your feedback is limited.  Might as well just focus on what you came out to do and that’s to create images. Forget about everything else of unimportance.  Did you see the shot? Did you get the shot?  Thats all that counts.  This camera will do that for you.

Now for the surprise factor.  Pop your SD Card out (you only have one single card slot) and load that sucker into your desired editing program.  Lean in and scan your files and shake your head at how much fun you can have with what you get.

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Another thing I love to do with the X Pro 1 is shoot gear.  I love the crisp sharpness of this sensor combined with the Black & Whites.  I love film cameras and I think its great shooting some true classics with another camera that is destine to be labeled as one of the greats.

As always I hoped you enjoyed my little write up here.  I can't help but to be drawn in by this camera and I'm sure if you have had an experience with it you have been drawn in as well.  They can still be had for a good deal so why not grab yourself one.  Thanks again and be sure to check out my other postings, youtube page and Instagram account.  Links are at the bottom, you know what to do!