Sibling Rivalry

I have been lucky enough to own the Fuji GFX for quite some time now and I find it to be an amazing camera.  I have spoke about it in depth on my Video Vlog post which can be found on my blog.  I have used it for personal work, a travel camera and weddings.  I enjoyed the GFX so much and the simplistic nature of such an outstanding professional camera I've decided to add it's little brother, the Fuji XT-2 to the family.  I can say this, I don't regret that decision one bit.  

The XT-2 constantly amazes me with what it can pull off.  We are talking about a crop sensor camera here folks.  All be it an X-Trans crop sensor but a crop sensor none the less.  I stacked it up against its largerr sibling the medium format Fuji GFX. A 52 megapixel beast.  We skipped right over full frame and I'm impressed.  I plan on doing a full blog right up of the XT-2 in the future but for this post I just wanted to throw up a few images.  Let me lay out the scene for you here.  A wedding a few nights ago under serious failing light.  We were getting dark fast and a lot of the images were over under exposed towards the end of our session.  We lucked out earlier with nice lighting and you will see those as well.  One thing I noticed right off was how well both camera rendered colors pretty much in sync with each other.  This made editing a breeze without any color shift from image to image.  Even black and white rendered beautifully.  I also added a few images from last months wedding were I shot both systems as well.

On the XT-2 I shot with the Fujinon 56mm f/1.2 & Fujinon 35mm f/2

The GFX50s was used with a Kipon Baveyes Adapted Pentax 105mm f/2.4

Take a look at how well the XT-2 did against its larger and much more expensive sibling.  Can you spot which is medium format and which is crop sensor?  Don't worry there will NOT be a test at the end.